The Peres Center – a non-for-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization – develops and implements a wide range of projects involving thousands annually bringing together a diverse and multi-faceted spectrum of participants: Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians; old and young; women, men, children and youth; professionals and agents of change. The Peres Center’s name now is The Peres Center For Peace And Innovation. Israel’s new innovationscenter is also in Peres Peace House and it plays a major and important role for both the country and the work for regional peace opportunities through economic and innovative cooperation.

Our friendship association to The Peres Center For Peace And Innovation aims to spread the knowledge of the Centre’s work for peace. We also work to strengthen the opportunities for donations to the Peace Center from Denmark.
At the same time, we support domestic efforts for cooperation across cultural and religious divides.

For further information or support for our work contact Sigge Korzen- email sigge@os.dk